Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tress by Raquel Welch

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List price: $161.00

Shown in a Ginger Brown R830 with evening lighting

Monday, March 14, 2011

My 3 favorite wigs TODAY

Imagine this hair, on you, in your favorite colors.

Just click on the link to view.

A~ Prodigy

B~ Spicy

and C~ Charmer

Thursday, October 09, 2008

New! Appropriate skin care products from Lindi Skin for Cancer Patients

Don't pay for shipping on just an item or two. Amy's Wig Shop in North Bend, Oregon is your local Lindi Skin products provider.

Notice how your skin feels so different now that you're undergoing chemo or radiation? You can't help but notice how much more sensitive your skin has become. Lindi Skin may just be your soothing solution to those irritating problems.

I tell each of you, "When you arrive at Amy's Wig Shop, don't be wearing any scents or fragrances!" But some of you can go anywhere with out your 'face on.' Most makeup and cleansing products contain high levels of toxic ingredients. Lindi Skin provides a viable alternative.

"Certain ingredients, textures and fragrances can prove irritating to those with compromised skin. That's why Lindi Skin products were developed with an advisory team of doctors and scientific experts and the input from people with compromised skin. The result is an exceptional skin care line that is luxurious, effective and safe for everyone, even those with the most difficult skin conditions." (from the pamphlet Skin Care For Life,

If you must put something on your face that is a PRODUCT, then please, put on Lindi Skin face tint instead.

Low on fragrances, low on irritation- in fact, Lindi Skin products are designed to help sooth your skin from those burning treatments from which you've been suffering.

Don't pay for shipping on just an item or two! Amy's Wig Shop in North Bend, Oregon is your local Lindi Skin products provider.

Monday, August 04, 2008

And here we have Amy Jane cutting Wayne's hair -the "during" shot- we are doing this hair cut by Tiki light! just beyond the sunset. A very brave man.

Here is Wayne Miller [the before picture] with his very long hair walking the track for Relay for Life at Coquille High School during the 2008 fundraiser.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

How to cleanse your new alternative hair

1- Pour one half ounce of wig shampoo (15mL= 1 TBLSP) into your glass or plastic tub [do not use a sink as the metal around the drain could react with the synthetic fibers and damage them]
2- Fill your container with “luke-cool” water creating a solution with the water and cleaning agent. Never use hot water on your wigs as this will ruin the fibers
3- Submerge your alternative hair in the solution. Move it around -swish! Then let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes before swishing again- remove to a wig hanger
5-Empty and rinse your container before refilling with more clear “luke-cool” water
Place hair into this fresh water and swish again
6- Repeat with fresh cool clear water until the water is clean and clear when you rinse your alternative hair.
7-Give your alternative hair a good shake and stuff the inside with a clean fluffy towel and wrap the outside of your hair with a fresh towel as well and give it a squeeze
8-Remove from towels and shake out your hair. Place on a wig hanger, spritz lightly with conditioner and leave to dry. You will spritz your hair almost daily with conditioner so don't go too heavy the first time!

Wait until your alternative hair is totally dry before attempting to brush. Don't be tempted, the damage that can happen... it's not worth taking a chance.

Every other time you wear your hair you will want to give it a light spritzing with your leave-in conditioner. To do this start by holding your hair from the nape and giving it a good shake before beginning to spritz away at it. On the other days spritz lightly with plain water.

You can brush through straight styles. Never brush out a tight curl wig. Shorter styles which are more wave than curl as fine to be brushed out.

When all else fails just call Amy. She will be happy to help you regain your confidence. You are welcome to comment here: Ask questions, get answers!

Have a great hair day!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Putting In Hair Extensions

Jessica Simpson has her own line of Alternative Hair. Check out her 21" HairDo 100% Fine Human Hair by Kevin Paves. She has so many innovative extension and fill in products, there could be one that is just right for your hair type.

Curious about how to put in these nifty little hot locks? Watch Kevin Paves show us how to apply Jessica Simpson's HairDo alternative hair extensions.

You can wear Alternative Hair! It looks so natural when the proper colours and the right types are chosen for your hair.

Not sure whether you need human hair or synthetic? Come in for a consult with Amy Jane. It depends on you, your expectations, and your hair's own condition. Let's discuss this. Call Amy Jane at forty, forty, W, I, G.

Have a great hair day!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

What 3 foods are the key to growing healthy hair?

Is your hair just NOT growing healthy, thick, and long?

How do we keep those hair follicles healthy and happy when we are sick and sad and undergoing chemo and radiation?

Rosemary and Sage, Aloe Vera Juice, too.
Eat it. Wear it. As for the boar bristled hair brush- Use It!

My favourite brand of Aloe Vera Juice is REAL Brand Aloe Vera Juice. The taste, for this bitter cactus, it delightfully without bite. The other brands I have tried tasted more like h2o2 and made me gag.

My favourite brand of Rosemary and Sage are the ones growing in my garden. Because they are so bountiful and readily available.

So what do we do with rosemary, sage, and aloe? Well we eat it. But how?

The Real Brand Aloe Vera Juice is easy. Pour a chilled glass and enjoy! Its texture is smooth and soothing. Very beneficial to the G.I. tract. Its taste is clean without the nasty choking bite that other brands deal out.

I use rosemary and sage when I make chicken. Use these herbs in chicken soup, in any broth.

Also, make a tea of those two herbs; when it has cooled to your most comfortable temperature pour it onto your scalp. Doing this almost daily helped me to bring new life and health to my body and brought back my hair, thick and healthy.

Brushing your scalp stimulates circulation. Do you have a boar bristle brush for this purpose? Give your hair follicles a fighting chance! Treat them right. Get your scalp healthy and keep it that way by enjoying a good scalp brushing twice daily.

Amy's Wig Shop stocks two styles of beautiful, wooden handled, boar bristled brushes. Call Amy to get your very own genuine boar bristled brush. Dial five, four, one, forty, forty, W, I, G.

Have you never tried rosemary or sage? Time to try some fresh- from Amy's Wig Shop garden!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where can I get Alternative Hair Care Products for my wig?

Amy's Wig Shop your local Alternative Hair Solutions in North Bend, Oregon provides for all your Alternative Hair care needs.

Our prices are often lower- when you consider the extra shipping costs by purchasing over the internet. So buy local and save!

We host full product lines from Hairess, Jon Renau, and Rene of Paris. Shampoo, conditioners of two varieties for each line, holding sprays, fresheners [like "Febreeze" for your Alternative Hair], wig restorers to bring back new life to your worn hair fibers, and shine enhancers.

We carry wig brushes of many varieties. Come see which kind will work best for your alternative hair!

In stock- turbans, choose velor or terry or go for a fancy velvet - three new must see turbans in stock!

Many brushes, combs, and hair nets/ wig nets made for wig wearers in all colours!

Cotton head protectors, Do-rags, adhesives and double sided tape for graft wearers to DIY.

Come see what's "IN STORE" for You! Because it's Amy's business when you haven't got hair of your own.

Call Amy for an appointment- great hair days are just ahead - so you can have a great hair day, too!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are you ready to see yourself anew? Get Alternative Hair from Amy's Wig Shop

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in great hair every day...and not just the day you step out of the salon?

Today's Alternative Hair is instant glamor. It's easy hair dos.

What kind of hair will work for you, girl? Just a quick 20 minute consult with Amy and you'll know what will work for your hair.

Choose curly or straight - or get human hair so you can change your style as often as you change your mind!

Want less hassle and humidity resistant styling? A full synthetic wig will thrill your heart. We can get just the right hair for you at Amy's Wig Shop in North Bend, Oregon.

You deserve beautiful hair. Get Alternative Hair at Amy's Wig Shop in North Bend, Oregon. Pick up your phone and dial "five, four, one, forty, forty, W, I, G."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Show some wigs, Show me some Hair!

See alternative hair as they appear in the magazines - on our suppliers websites!

Keep in mind when you are viewing the photos of hair pieces and wigs online that what you are seeing is alternative hair which has been all done up - it has been styled by a highly trained and skilled stylist. What you will pull out of a wig box is NOT going to look like that picture at all unless it says something to the effect of "out of the box" styling or "shake and go".

If you are undergoing chemo, radiation, or just can't or don't want to do your own hair, then you are going to want to get alternative hair which isn't going to require any effort at all to do. You want to pop it on and go knowing that you look fabulous and can put those bad-hair days behind you.

At Rene of Paris .com [you'll have to type that one into your browser- they don't want you to be able to click over from any site to theirs- who knows why...] you will find three different "collections" of wigs. Hi- Fashion, Noriko, and Amore. Be prepared for animation. The Look of Love website is easy and straight forward. Robert, from Look of Love International, creates very beautiful, believable wigs and hair additions. The designs are unique. Wigs are a honeycomb cell type of construction - you just have to see it! Highly breathable wigs. If you've ever felt too hot under a head of alternative hair, then isn't it time you lighten up with a Look Of Love wig?

The following two sites have animated graphics and music- (Be the afore warned wise judge: you may want to turn your speaker volume down and if you're on dial-up, these pages may take a while to load.) Find Eva Gabor and Raquel Welch, also Put-On-Pieces a.k.a. "POP" Jessica Simpson has a few rather unique human hair additions which make going from short to long a snap!

We are very happy to introduce our newest supplier:
- especially for our MEN. It turns out they have some incredible women's wigs too. More comfy. Better suited for the bald head and thus our cancer patients! I am excited to be offering wigs from Jon Renau.

***Just added Winter 2007***
Learn more about what OnRite has to offer.

Here's a great time to pick up your phone to dial "five, four, one, forty, forty, W, I, G" to get your private, personalized consultation with Amy Jane. Say that out loud and you'll have the phone number. :)

No more bad hair days for you! WIGS - Women In Gorgeous Style - that's what it is.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thursday, March 06, 2008

How to prepare for your consult with AmyJ

Amy is extremely sensitive to scents. So don't wear any when you arrive for your consultation. Seems simple enough, yes?

About a decade ago, back in 1997, Amy landed the perfect job, in her favourite field of study, doing her all time FAVOURITE activity: doing HAIR!

She was thrilled, tickled pink. Within the first two weeks she had to quit her other job because of severe cramping in her feet and legs. She had to reserve all her energy for the "Real JOB" and quit the one that gave her more money. That 'real job' was going to benefit her career in the long we thought.

Within the first two months of working in her career field she went into her first "field-coma" = dropping off into a coma while on the job. That was just a little too exciting!

Trying to get home took 13 HOURS rather than the normal 2.5 hours.

What followed was an entire week in a coma, at home, on a farm, out in the country. NO BODY KNEW WHERE SHE WAS NOR WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO HER... or so we thought.

Mean while Amy's mother was deep in Seattle, Washington [a good 8+ hours drive away] waiting quite impatiently for her youngest daughter to please get done already inside Barnes and Nobles Book Store. So she absent-mindedly picked up a book nearest her and began to flip through its pages..."oh.. mY.. GOODNESS!!!" This is what is happening to Amy right now! She thought. She had just read the signs leading upto what was going to happen next to her next in the line up daughter and had to get home RIGHT NOW to help Amy and be sure that she didn't go into a coma.

Too late. It had already happened but she didn't know that. And Amy didn't have a telephone so there was no calling her to see how she was... kinda compounded the whole thing.

Let's not have that continue to happen...the wearing of fragrance chemicals...because they are hurtful.

When fragrances are detected on you, you will be turned away. You must call to reschedule your appointment.

How to have a successful appointment: Don't use any personal body products!
Scrub yourself down with baking soda. Use a light oil if you feel the need for some kind of a lotion.

Suggestions are Jojoba oil- Amy carries this in shop (4oz at $12 organic) sunflower oil, and coconut oil are all good options. All are very inexpensive, easily accessible, and available in what ever quantity you'd like to get -in bulk- at Coos Head Food Store.

"Buying in bulk":
bring a tiny little bottle to Coos Head Food Store
get the "tare" weight (that's the weight of the empty bottle) registered by someone who works there
fill your bottle as much or as little as you like
- that's "buying in bulk."

On with WHY be "scent-fr*e" ?

Amy gets very sick. You wouldn't want her to have to cancel your appointment because she has a terrible headache because someone wore perfume, do you? You wanted to get in and get your needs met. So meet Amy's needs for a scent free environment and don't have fabric softeners in your clothing, don't wear deodorant, don't wear make up, basically, don't have any products on you - don't use any.

Run your appointment outfit through the wash with a cup of baking soda and toss in a cup of distilled white vinegar into the rinse cycle to remove the stuck in stuff- those immediately obvious smells.

Thanks in advance! and have a great hair day ;-)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Wig Causing Head Pain?

Feel like your brain is being squeezed out by that wig?
Is your wig so tight that it is hurting you?

Wanna wear your alternative hair loose like a floppy hat? We can do that!

Using comb-clips to secure your alternative hair, along with cutting in a much looser fit we can, depending on your particular need, sew in a few here and there to create a much looser yet very secure fit!

Can this be true? Follow along:

So How Will I Position these Comb-Clips?

At the temples. The top of your forehead near the front. In the crown at the very top of your head. And maybe a couple at the nape so your wig wont ride up.

It's likely that you wont need to place those comb-clips in all of the locations. Maybe you just need that spot at the front at the top of your wig secured to feel certain it wont slip up off your forehead.

Or maybe your wig doesn't feel big enough around the head so you might like to secure your wig with comb-clips at the temples. Maybe you have one the insists on riding up and these comb-clips are just what you need to prevent that from happening.

But My Wig Is Still Too Tight!

Right. So there are some alterations yet needed. So how do we get that wig to be not so tight?

At the back of your wig, on the sides, where the extra elastic is you can let that out a bit to give yourself some slack. Up to nearly two inches in total. Use the elastic that is there for the tightening purposes to secure what you've let out.

Yes, I am referring vaguely to using the existing elastic by sewing in a gusset and then cutting at the wig. This could be scary if you don't feel totally confident about dealing with itty, bitty, tiny pieces of material and a rather sharp, little needle...

OR never mind the hassle and get Amy Jane to do it for you!

Just call Amy @ five, four, one, forty, forty W,I,G.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Are you wearing your Alternative Hair gracefully? VERSUS
"Hey, I'm Wearing A Wig!"

When I see you tugging on the back of your wig I feel sad. I don't want anyone to know you are wearing Alternative Hair. No one should know.

When you place that beautiful head of alternative hair, take a second or third check around the perimeter. Make sure your hair is laying down, girl!

Does it always slip up? The fit isn't quite right. I can fix that.

Do you feel insecure about your alternative hair? Get hair you feel confident wearing. Call Amy Jane, let's set up an appointment to find you that perfect head of alternative hair.

Short Hair Wearers:
Before you put on your hair give it a good shake. Don't have every hair be too perfectly in place. That just screams out “WIG!”

Medium Length Hair (less than shoulder length):
Put your hair on securely. Brush it out. Give your head that shaggy wet dog shake- I'm serious! Laugh after you've got your balance back, girl.

All Hair Wearers: Brush your bang into place, please. Merely fluff the rest of your alternative hair into place; use your hands, fingers- not a brush.

Make your alternative hair look it has movement! Not screaming out:

Keep your alternative hair flowing with movement!

Condition your alternative hair every time you wash it. And be sure to clean your alternative hair every week or two if you are wearing it daily.

Now look at the hair around your ears. Is your alternative hair sticking up or looking goofy? Move that alternative hair towards your lovely face so it frames it. Or -Try pushing it to flow away from your face.

Feel the back of your wig at the nape [or neck]. Is this accidentally tucked under? Oops! Fix it, girl! Hang another mirror so you can check at a glance.

To see a quick video that shows a few other pointers on wearing your Alternative Hair. Right click on that link to open in a new window. In that new window, scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Stacie, Monofilament." Hit the blue "play" button in the pop up window and it will play in your Windows Media Player. It's short.

Do what looks best for the style you have. If moving it towards your face works but the hair is a bit long yet, call Amy Jane for a wig cut. We'll get it looking just right for you.

On to Wig Etiquette

This is very important ladies. No tugging at the back of that wig in public -nor the sides- none of that!

When something doesn't feel quite right >> go to the ladies room! It's like tugging at your panties, girl! Don't do that in front of others; it embarrasses them. You have my permission to hit the ladies room for a hair check up to make it feel comfy.

And just because you need a wig now doesn't mean you wont want to keep wearing them long after this hair loss issue has past. Many women find it so much easier to just pop on a wig. No more bad hair days!

Do you feel insecure about your alternative hair? Get hair you feel confident wearing. Call me, let's set up an appointment to find you that perfect head of alternative hair. Call Amy Jane @ five four one forty forty W I G.

Your alternative hair is always just right. Rain, wind, or high humidity. The cut is precise. Colours glowing. Love your hair, girl!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is New this Season from Raquel Welch?

Ta-Dah! Raquel Welch's latest heads of Alternative Hair. Starting on the left and moving clockwise is Sharp, Dash, and Chardonnay.

All have memory cap construction; some of the nicest in the industry today. Raquel Welch Memory Cap heads of Alternative Hair are so light weight and comfy.

No itchy lace at the crown shakra so your heat can escape; your head can breathe. The material used is like you'd expect of fine lingerie. Resilient, lighter, more secure fitting. With a wide, velvet-like, flannel band at the nape and/or forehead you realize a more comfortable fit.

Above is a lovely straight hair bob type styling called Fresh. It is unique in that it has a Sheer Indulgence circular spot which is 2 inches across in the crown area. A truly unique feature from Raquel Welch. Refer to the photo below taken from their magazine.

At Amy's Wig Shop you get great deals on all in stock Alternative Hair. Most heads of Alternative Hair arrive within 4 days of placing your special order.

Amy's Wig Shop- your local Alternative Hair Solution. Located privately in North Bend, Oregon.

I am here for you! Call me, Amy Jane, at five, four, one, forty, forty, WIG.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm afraid to wreck my new hair! ... How do I clean my wig?

I know you are nervous about washing your new Alternative Hair for the first time. Just follow these easy step by step instructions.

First let's gather the tools you will need:
You bought your Alternative Hair Shampoo and Conditioner at Amy's Wig Shop in North Bend, Oregon - your local Alternative Hair Solution!- so let's use them.
You need a glass or plastic basin, bowl (or a really clean plastic trash receptacle) so long as there is no metal in the bowl to cause a reaction with your Alternative Hair.
Lots of cool, clean water.
A few clean towels.
A wig hanger or wig stand - NOT a styrofoam head as these will not permit air flow and may stretch your precious Alternative Hair.
A dedicated wig brush -not one used on hair which is connected to anyones head!
And of course, your Alternative Hair.

Start by brushing through those wig fibres -if it's a short hair and if it's not a curly long hair- to remove any tangles.

Put about a tablespoons worth (1 TBLSP= 15mL= 1/2 oz) of wig shampoo into your basin. Fill with that luke-cool water to agitate and create suds. (*Hot water damages these hair fibers*)

Immerse your Alternative Hair, sinking it down into the water and swish a few times. Permit your Alternative Hair to remain in that water for 5 to 10 minutes then swish again before removing to your wig hanger/stand. It will be dripping wet and loaded with soap at this point.

Dump that soapy water, rinse the basin, and fill again with fresh, luke-cool water. Again immerse your Alternative Hair swishing it again and remove to wig stand. Again it will be dripping wet at this point.

Dump that water as it will not be clean nor clear. At this point you may determine that your Alternative Hair actually needs another good soaping up! Go ahead! Otherwise continue with this rinse cycle by rinsing out your basin and refilling it with more fresh, luke-cool water before placing your Alternative Hair in there again for a quick gentle swish - is the water clean and clear? Then so is your Alternative Hair. Hurray! Remove to wig stand, and dump that water.

If you have a conditioner that is not a spray-in/leave-on then you would continue on with these instructions: [otherwise jump down two paragraphs] It's is basically the same as with shampooing in that you use about a tablespoon of the product and add fresh, luke-cool water to agitate as you fill the basin yet again. Immerse your alternative hair and work it through to saturate before removing to your wig stand. Dump the basin of solution, rinse, add fresh, luke-cool water and again immerse your head of Alternative Hair, swish, remove to wig stand. It actually likes to have the conditioner on its fibers so we wont be thorough with rinsing this time.

Alternately you may apply the conditioner by hand selectively to only the hair fibers so the conditioner wont be on the inside of the unit. This is done carefully and it's a bit more advanced- but you could do it! It's just Hair! Then, once you've worked it through, rinse by immersing in a basin of fresh, luke-cool water, swish, and remove to wig stand.

YOU DID IT! Your Beautiful head of Alternative Hair is fresh and CLEAN! Congratulations!

Now onto the drying of your Alternative Hair:

Wad a fresh, clean towel up inside your head of Alternative Hair. Yes, that is what I said. Wrap the outside of your Alternative Hair with yet another fresh, clean towel and squeeze gently. Remove towels from wig and give that Alternative Hair a good shake before placing on to your wig stand to air dry. Air drying can take as little as a few hours in hot dry weather or with a powerful commercial dehumidifier running in a small space- or it can take up to a full day [24 hours] to completely dry your Alternative Hair.

The inside of most heads of Alternative Hair are made of lace (and in my opinion these ones are very itchy too!) these take the longest to dry. Monofiliment tops take less time. And those heads of Alternative Hair from OnRite which have 100% human hair are placed/re grafted onto your head while damp- so it's never an issue with that kind of hair!

Once your head of Alternative Hair is dry and it's base- that lace I was telling you about- then you may brush and comb into place at this point.

This would be when to spritz with your leave-in conditioners a second time. Remember you can apply conditioner daily or alternate with a water misting to get your hair into place and prevent static electricity from taking over!

Questions? Ask here on the blog by clicking on "comments"

Anything else?

Now have a great hair day! From Amy's Wig Shop in North Bend, Oregon.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who is NEW with Amy's Wig Shop? We've got YOUR hair OnRite!

I am happy to present to you the OnRite company as our latest addition to our team of great alternative hair options.

OnRite offers hair units and grafts.

Units are PERFECT for those with partial hair loss [as in baldness patterns...] and Full Hair Prosthetic Grafts for those with complete/total hair loss.

Grafting on your alternative hair offers you the security of truly having hair. WooHOO!

What do I mean by that? Well, with high quality human hair grafted onto your head you can swim, ski, shower,- ANYTHING you would normally do without fear of the hair slipping, coming loose, -it's your hair.

Just like Bruce Willis... when he's wearing hair. From OnRite. That's right! Even the stars wear some serious hair!

What is grafting? A special adhesive is applied (a liquid or double sided sticky tape) yes, it's made especially for your delicate noggin- to the alternative hair graft and carefully placed to your head. After the bonding has cured you can swim, shower, anything one with their own grown hair could do!

You may even colour your hair, curl it with an iron, blow dry, or get a permanent wave/curl!

Once a month we remove the graft, clean your alternative hair, give you a fresh shave if you have some hairs there, re-tape or reapply the adhesive so you can feel secure in your alternative hair.

You are beautiful. Your hair is an enhancement. Get noticed- not the lack of hair! Get it- OnRite. Enjoy a new attitude about hair- about life.

CALL Amy Jane for your private, personalized consultation to learn what hair will work best for you. The number is five, four, one, forty, forty, WIG. Say that out loud and you'll have the number!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Do you suffer more bad hair days in the rainy seasons

You know it's coming- bad hair days. They come with high humidity (liquid sunshine) that we can count on here in the great pacific northwest. What is a fall day without rain in your face and wind in your hair, eh?

No matter how good your hair looks in front of the mirror, you can count on a brief, albeit, terrifying moment into the elements. From home sweet cozy home to vehicle (which may not be in a garage or under a carport) and again to that parking lot at work assuming you don't have to park across the highway from your destination.

There goes the hair style- ARGH!

So what's it going to take to keep your hair looking good?! Do you have to keep a short messy style? How 'bout a long pony to tie back? Thanks, NO!

When you just have to have some style and are tired of fighting the elements - call AmyJane at Amy's Wig Shop in North Bend, Oregon. Alternative Hair Solutions. We've got your style all wrapped up pretty in a box just waiting for you!

This season you owe it to yourself to have a great hair day every day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is Your Wig Not Working For YOU?

Do you feel stuck with a wig that just isn't working for you?

What can you do with a wig that isn't working for you? ..aside from putting it in the closet and feeling upset or foolish about how it didn't work out for you...?

hmm... what if..? What if we post your wig on here as available!

Let everyone know your wig is available by posting a comment here. Maybe it could work for someone else.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Buy Local- Costume Wigs for your holiday fun!

Did last year's Halloween Wig blow-up on you at your Halloween Bash? Get a top quality Costume Wig this year at Amy's Wig Shop your local Alternative Hair Solution.

Browse the nation's top quality Costume Wigs catalog during this 3 day special event. See actual Costume Wigs. Feel the high quality hair of these rental quality wigs.

Get the BEST prices this season on high quality Costume Wigs in North Bend, Oregon. Place your order by October 1st to ensure your Costume Wig will arrive BEFORE Halloween this year.

Save your sanity. Avoid that late minute fretful rush. See the possibilities and feel the inspiration Costume Wigs bring to your Halloween (and Holiday!) Costume choices. Bring your friends!

This is a fragrance-free / smoke-free event.

Call AmyJane @ Forty*Forty*WIG for more info.

Consultation appointments are not taken during this event; just come browse.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Buy Local- Costume Wigs for your holiday fun!

Heighten your frighten factor this September 28, 29, and 30 with ONE SCARY 3 Day Costume Wig Event.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm -5pm each day Amy's Wig Shop for local Alternative Hair Solutions will be open to "Browse, See, Feel" and place your ORDER!

Browse the nation's top quality Costume Wigs catalog. See actual Costume Wigs. Feel the high quality hair of these rental quality wigs. Place your orders before the Halloween rush.

Get the BEST prices this season on high quality Costume Wigs right here in North Bend, Oregon this September 28, 29 and 30th from 2pm - 5pm each day of this Costume Wig Event.

Save your sanity. Don't wait for the last minute. Avoid that late minute fretful rush. See the possibilities and feel the inspiration Costume Wigs bring to your Halloween Costume choices. (Holiday Santa Wigs, eye brows and beards, too.) Tell your friends!

***This is a fragrance-free / smoke-free event***

Amy's Wig Shop is privately located in Simpson Heights. Call Amy's Wig Shop at five, four, one, forty, forty, double yew, eye, gee for more information. (Try reading that last line out loud; you'll have the number.)

Churches and Theaters troupes- call Amy to get your own catalogs for in house perusing with your groups- inspire your players to get into character!

Friday, April 13, 2007

What kind of service will I get from Amy's Wig Shop?

At Amy's Wig Shop, we provide you with the unique service of choosing, locating and purchasing: the right size, the right coverage, the right colours, the right styles- all for you while maintaining the integrity of your privacy, providing the best prices. Bottom line, we offer the right head of Alternative Hair for you. Right here, on the Southern Oregon Coast.

Just a brief 5 minute drive from the hospital district, we are privately located in Simpson Heights, North Bend, Oregon just south of the McCullough Bridge.

It is very exhausting and frustrating to go into a wig shop, try on a bunch of wigs, only to come out feeling - "That was an exercise in futility!" We don't want that to be your experience.

We want you to have hair that compliments you, your face shape, your head shape, your body type, and be your most becoming colours that you enjoy seeing on you. Without all the exhaustion and frustrations.

At Amy's Wig Shop you get SERVICE. Knowing what is available and bringing it to you is our business. You don't have to wear yourself out digging and searching for wigs on the internet. The wigs are repeated over and over again in different searches making it so overwhelming.

On this blog you can view directly from my suppliers sites- these are all that are out there- yes, some are styled slightly differently and are given other names by certain companies but it is just hair! One must consider that, for the most part, when you put on the alternative hair, you've basically just stepped out of the shower. It's up to you to make it look it like something beautiful. That's why I'm here- let me help you find beautiful alternative hair that will be EASY for you to handle!

After your consultation service with Amy Jane, we will have the information needed to present you with just the right one. [or two or three :)]

Let AmyJane do the work for you!

It doesn't have to be a wild shot in the dark. Let AmyJane light your way. Call today : five, four, one, forty, forty, W, I, G. Say that out loud and you'll have the phone number.